Visitor Control

If you are visiting Enig Associates, Inc. (“ENIG”) for a classified visit, your visit request should be submitted through the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS).

The Security Management Office (SMO) code for ENIG is 482504. If your organization does not have access to JPAS, your visit request must be on your unit and/or company letterhead and must be signed by your Security Officer.

You cannot verify your own security clearance or approve your own visit request. We recommend you facsimile (FAX) your request, rather than mail, whenever possible. This expedites processing and minimizes delays. FAX requests to (301) 680-8100. Call (301) 680-8600, ext 300 to confirm that the FAX was received. Hand-carrying visit requests to ENIG’s facilities is prohibited.

Visit requests should be sent to the following address:

Enig Associates, Inc.
ATTN: Visitor Control
PO Box 30858
Bethesda, MD  20824

The following information should be included in your request:

• Name
• Grade/Rank/Position
• Social Security Number
• Company/Organization
• Company Foreign Owned? (Specify YES or NO)
• Company/Organization Address
• Company/Organization Telephone Number
• Date and Place of Birth
• Citizenship
• Date and Duration of Visit
• Purpose of Visit
• Level of Clearance and Issuing Agency (Required for Non-Department of Defense (DoD) agencies only)
• Date Security Clearance Granted (Required for Non-DoD agencies only)
• Type of Security Investigation
• Date Investigation Completed
• Point of Contact at ENIG
• Signature Block of Security Officer (Name, Title, and Signature)

Please notify your ENIG point of contact before each visit to ensure you are expected and to help prevent delays upon your arrival.